A jumpstretch flexband is the ideal trainingmaterial for a functional training.

Flexbands training is always dynamic, multi-planar, ground based and multi-joint.

Life and sports have many similarities and training for sports or training for everyday activities should be performed while taking the following factors into consideration:
  • Movement: nothing in life or sports is fixed and we as athletes and people move in time and space.
  • We move in 3 planes: Sagittal (forward - backward), Frontal (left-right), transverse (twisting or spinning) and combinations of the 3.
  • We move by applying force on the surfaces below us i.e. ground (except in water sports).
  • Our bodies are designed to work in coordination rather than isolation, every motion we make involves several muscles and joints working in coordination.
  • Most athletic movements are explosive.

Bottom line: Flexbands are a powerful and versatile tool for true functional training and can cover different motor components ranging from loaded stretching, functional strength training, cardiovascular benefits, foot agility, powertraining, plyometry and core-stability.
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Jumpstretch Flexbands® can be used everywhere, are extremely safe and are everlasting. In no matter of time you have with a minimal investment your own home gym.

Fitness centers

Jumpstretch Flexbands are offen used by powerlifters in combination with halter training. When the stretch in the Flexband increases, the force in the muscle also increases. Lifting a halter in combination with a flexband will increase the muscle load.

On the other hand, a Flexband could assist you in lifting halters or pushing your own bodyweight. You might be able to lift a heavy halter, but by adding a Flexband, you might be able to.

In the US Jumpstretch Flexbands are essential in every fitness. As wel as in combination with halter training as for stretching purposes, functional strength training, cardiovascular benefits, foot agility, powertraining, plyometry, core-stability and patient rehabilitation.
Today Fysical therapists and Health professionals are more and more using jumpstretch flexbands in daily rehabilitation.

With a Jumpstretch Flexband the direction of the force can be easily alternated by changing the direction of the flexband. It’s also easy to vary the moment of torque by alternating the attachment of the flexband.

Flexbands training is focussing on multi-articular movements in order to enhance the intercoordination and timing between different muscles.

A jumpstretch flexband can in an early phase facilitate movement (the stretch in the flexband assists you with movement against gravity) and can in a later phase give resistance against movement (the flexbands gives you extra resistance against movement).

Due to its circular shape, a jumpstretch flexbands is ideal for mobility, loaded- and dynamic stretching.
If you aren't familiar yet with the multitude of trainingspossibilities of Jumpstretch Flexbands and you would like to take an initiation, please fill mail us at We will contact you as soon as possible.

Initiations and lessons kan be attended by a team, a trainer or a trainee or by sporty people who wish to use Flexbands at home.


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